People who visit Yarmouth and see our historic homes often wonder what it would have been like to live in them one hundred or even two hundred years ago. They may try to picture the families who resided there, imagine what they did and try to see the world through their eyes. Or they'll notice an old cemetery and wonder about the many lives those weathered old gravestones represent.

That's why the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth began holding a number of special events throughout the year designed to lift these historical figures off the dusty pages of history books and bring them back to life ... to share their personal stories and tell of the lives they led.

Our Walk and Talk Tours along the Old King's Highway or through the Bass River area in South Yarmouth and our Cemetery Tours through some of the oldest town cemeteries are among our most popular events. They bring visitors face to face with a number of the many colorful former members of our community who, dressed in authentic period clothes, tell all about themselves, where they lived, whom they married, what they did and accomplished before they were laid to rest. There are solid citizens in the group who contributed much to their community, quite a few memorable characters, and always a scoundrel or two.

This is history made more personal and memorable. A fascinating experience
for young and old alike. Be sure to look for these and other events in our Events Calendar.

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