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The first mill in Yarmouth was built around 1700 by Thomas Baxter and Shubal Gorham.  That mill, a fulling mill, was also located in West Yarmouth near today's Swan's Pond.  A few years later, the team built this grist mill for grinding corn, and for many years it was operated by Baxter's sons, Thomas and Shubal.  Baxter family  members operated the mill for several generations then sold to members of the Baker family, who operated the mill until 1900.

As originally constructed, the mill featured an outside waterwheel.  Because the level of Mill Pond was low and winter freezing caused much damage, the wheel was replaced with an interior power turbine around 1860.  The mill operated for almost 200 years until about 1900, when electricity and commercial flour became readily available.  The mill was restored in the 1960s by Harold Castonguay and George Kelley and given to the town of Yarmouth.  It was the first site in Yarmouth to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Open seasonally for a schedule please call the Yarmouth Historical Commission at 508-398-2231 ext. 1292.

Take Route 28 to West Yarmouth.  Mill is on the north side of the street, near the Mill Hill Club.


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