Exploring, preserving, sharing our rich heritage
—so it isn't lost forever.


Yarmouth was founded in 1639 by settlers from the Plymouth Colony.
They and those who followed have played an important role in shaping Cape Cod
and the nation itself.
But for thousands of years many others have lived, fished, hunted,
and died on this sandy penninsula and on the waters that surround us.

The Historical Society of Old Yarmouth was founded in 1953 with a commitment to discover, preserve, and celebrate the history of this place and all its people
and to keep it from being discarded, misplaced, forgotten—lost forever.

We have dedicated this website to all who have left their mark here. 
This is their story.


Historic Sites

Explore Sea Captains' homes, windmills, grist mills,
old inns, churches, and a 1639 farm where an archeological dig
peers 10,000 years into the past.


They fought in the Revolution, sailed the high seas,
hunted whales, sold ice as far away as India,
and spooked kids' imaginations with macabre illustrations.


Our people have seen more than their share of major events
and disasters—from wars and epidemics
to hurricanes and shipwrecks.



Historic and unpretentious, this non-denominational
chapel in a secluded meadow offers a unique setting
for a memorable Cape wedding.



From a whale that can be killed only with a silver harpoon
(sound vaguely familiar?) to places that resonate to this day
with the spirits of former inhabitants.