The Historical Society of Old Yarmouth (HSOY) Photograph Collection is located in the Society's archive and administrative building, The Cobbler Shop, on Route 6A in Yarmouth Port, MA. The photographs are available to members of the Society, residents of the town of Yarmouth, and the general public. Photographs from the Society's collection do not circulate. The Cobbler Shop is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM to 3:30PM. Please call to make an appointment to research the Photograph Archives at 508.362.3021 or email info@hsoy.org. Some images are not available online
The Society has collaborated with the Boston Public Library to digitize most of the Society's images and provide them online at DigitalCommonwealth.org. Nearly 1,200 images are now available to view, with plans for more to be added in the near future. The search capability of DigitalCommonwealth.org enables a user to use keywords that can identify images in the collection that contain the characteristic of interest, such as, "transportation" or "parades" or "windmills". Higher resolution scans can be provided upon request.


Please note that some use restrictions apply.

•     Online images may be downloaded for personal use. Those being downloaded for use in print publications or in digital format requires the Society's permission in writing prior to publishing.
•     Some images are not available online due to legal and/or copyright restrictions.  They may however be available for viewing in person in the Archives. The researcher assumes responsibility for all copyright issues that may arise from the use of any photograph.


Permission to reproduce or download images from the Society’s photograph collection for publication (including print, digital, web, moving image and performance) MUST be obtained in advance and IN WRITING from the Society. For permission contact the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth at info@hsoy.org.

Please provide the following information:

•      Name of Collection

•      Photographs you wish to publish (identifying number and title)

•      Where and when the photographs will be published (please provide details of publication - title, publisher, date of publication, etc.; web site with URL)


The use of the Society's photographs for publication (commercial and non-profit) is subject to fees. The Society will provide more information on fees at the time the request is made to use any images.


Should research efforts result in a published work, e.g. book, article, media production, etc., please note the following guidelines when citing or thanking the Society.
•      The proper citation for the use of photographs is: Courtesy of the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, MA.  The photographer’s name should also be cited if known.

•      A copy of the publication MUST be given to the Society for its collection.

•      Any acknowledgement or thanks an author might wish to offer the Society should again refer to the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, MA.

March 24, 2018