DIScover the story of your house

Maybe you've just moved to town and are curious about the charming old home that captivated you. Or perhaps you've lived here for many years and have always wondered about the history of your house and the people who lived in it but you never got around to doing anything about it. This could be your lucky day.

Our Library and Archives Collection features a special Yarmouth Houses file, which has information on most of the older homes in the town of Yarmouth including information compiled for the National Register of Historic Places.

We also have a Genealogy Section that includes more than 1,000 completed family group sheets on Yarmouth families.

Additionally, the Society has copies of historical maps from 1795, 1830, 1858, and 1880 and a Map Book containing copies of maps for each village from the oldest maps up to the present day.

WE'll help you find
what you're looking for

Consider this a personal invitation to come to our office at the Gorham Cobbler Shop, located just off the Old King's Highway directly behind the Yarmouth Port Post Office, and let us help you research the house you call home.

All we ask is that you first call us at 508.362.3021 or email us at to arrange an appointment. We're open Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM to 3:30 PM.